We are, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) working in the field of addiction - rehabilitation. All the staff members of SUMANA have had very personal experience of the perils of addiction. Having gone through the fire and found a way out, through Divine Grace and professional help, we wish to share the benefits with other suffering men and women and their families.

About US:

M.A Abdul Salaam President treats with a Dedicated Tailor Made Program to suit individuals' need and people of SUMANA have practical experience with professional training and academics. We walk hand in hand with the clients exploring the problem areas and finding solutions to guide them in the process of recovery.

* In-Patient / Out-Patient services
* De-toxification, Psychotherapy, Group therapy
* Individual, Family, child, and marital counseling
* Community awareness programmes
* Transit home and peer support
* Free Drop-in counseling center for children and women of
   chemical dependants
* Life style modifications
* Guide to various related References
* In house food preparation
* and guide to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

The Comprehensive care with coping skills in our rehabilitation program guides the individual to cope up with the demands of daily living without addictive substance. The Holistic approach of our protocol is adapted to these special individuals' needs

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Members of SUMANA have enormous experience in dealing with addiction at various levels with both men and women. Equipped with academic, professional and practical experience in the area of addiction treatment. We made it our Mission to Share our Very Personal Experience and Success. Our vast exposure in this field has inspired us to start SUMANA. At SUMANA we perceive the grip of addiction as a specific disorder and treat them in simple, medical and psychological method with Holistic Approach.
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