Our Medical Officer, authors and supervises detoxification and heads the medical management team. Young medical graduate pursuing masters evinces keen interest in each patientís recovery process.

Our consultant Psychiatrist is an expert in the field of addiction, depression and family related issues. dministration Officer takes care of the maintenance of SUMANA and looks after client needs.

Mrs. Kalaivani - Psychologist conducts classes on various subjects in addiction (specialised in children of alcoholics).

Our - Qualified Nurse - does the detoxification and attends to the withdrawals of the patients as instructed by our medical officer.

SUMANA GOODWILL HOME and SUMANA ELLEN FOUNDATION are sister concerns operating in close coordination.

SUMANA GOODWILL HOME, Chennai, centres are managed by
Mr. M. A. Abdul Salam, President.

The Bangalore centres, operating under the aegis of the SUMANA ELLEN FOUNDATION, are headed by its Founder and President,
Shri N. Lakshmi Narayanan.

Mrs. Abdul Salaam, with bachelor's degree in social work heads the team. Equipped with Academic, Professional and Practical experience in the field of addiction for several years. She is also an excellent therapist for the family of chemical dependence. She too had undergone the perils of addiction and her motivation to help the family and children of alcoholics is the driving force that led her to head SUMANA.

Our Team:
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Shri. N. Lakshmi Narayanan
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