Sumana Goodwill Home (R):



Sumana runs a rehabilitation facility for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts, where clients are treated with care and concern. The treatment is based on the world-famous 12 - Steps Program, which is proven to be the most effective recovery program, adopted by leading rehabilitation centers worldwide. The capacity of the treatment facility is limited, enabling focused and personal attention for each client.






Service 1
Our approach is holistic - addressing the physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual areas for recovery.
Service 2
At Sumana, clients are gradually taught to lead a disciplined and healthy lifestyle through an intensive schedule including yoga, meditation, therapy classes, daily moral inventory, management of feelings, group / individual counseling, 12-step work, regular attendance at AA / NA meetings, recreation and exposure to News/world affairs via cable. All this is backed by expert medical and psychiatric services and regular updates to family.
Service 3
The Recovery Program is a structured process with clearly defined protocols to address individual issues. The staff reviews each case on a daily basis and evolves individual strategies